Associate Membership Form

Revised 1/1/2019

 Member Conversion Application Section A  2018

Member Conversion Application Section B Sponsor 2018

Dog Ownership

Puppy Health Exam Report – used for puppies, both pending certification and pet.

 Revised 3/19/2019

Litter Registration Application

Revised 2/19/2019

Application for Companion Pending Registration

Revised 6/16/2018

Application for Upgrade From Provisional to Certified Registration 

Revised 6/16/2018

Application for Foundation Pending Registration

Revised 6/16/2018

Lease Notification

Revised 6/16/2018

Transfer of Ownership

Revised 6/16/2018


Request for Champion Certificate

Revised 6/16/2018

Application for Grand Champion

Revised 6/16/2018


Reporting an Health Issue to HSDAA

Revised November 2017

Health Testing 2019used for adult dogs presented for certification


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