Winter 2023 Silk Road

The Winter 2023 Silk Road is now available in the Members Only section

Membership Renewal 2024 Form is now available in the "Forms" webpage

Show Results posted for National and Regional Shows

July 2023 Silk Road available in Members only section

"Doc” Joanne Baldwin Cardinal Award

The “Doc” Joanne Baldwin Cardinal Award is the HSDAA’s  most prestigious award and is presented annually at the National Specialty. HSDAA members please read the link to the Award’s description and submit your nomination by July 15, 2023.

Congratulations to this year’s recepient: Henry Gunter!

Cardinal Award Description

2023 Nomination Form

Registry rules revised October 25, 2022

On October 25, 2022 The Board revised the registry rules. For more information go to the HSDAA Registry webpage.

Silks can do Scent Work

Pauline Michael’s Lola does scent work. See her in action.

See Pauline Michels’ Lola work to find four “hides” containing birch scent.


We encourage you to join our social media groups on Facebook dedicated to the Havana Silk breed.

The Members only group where we will share Club and Breed information can be found with this link:

The second group is for everyone else who owns a Havana Silk or is thinking of getting one without the need to be a member. You can find this group with this link: