A list of HSDAA breeders is on the bottom of this page,
listing what puppies and older dogs are available.

Interested in a new puppy?
Be sure to look at the HSDAA “Best Practices” page to find out what HSDAA demands from its breeders.
We can’t think of any other breed that requires so much from their breeders.

Havana Silk Dogs are so lovable that HSDAA breeders and pet owners all agree that Silks are the perfect dog for almost every household. 

If you like the look of an “elegant” little dog of traditional Cuban type, with a flat, silky coat (which the average pet owner can maintain himself); a long, refined muzzle; dark, almond-shaped eyes; a long neck; and a tail carried high and waving like a plume, an HSDAA-registered Havana Silk Dog might be just what you are looking for!


HSDAA Member Classified Ads

Havana Silk Dog Breeders


Susan Gunter
“Joyful Heart Silks”
Puppies occasionally
Tallahassee, FL
Email: gunterssg57@icloud.com
Phone: 850-591-5678

Janet Mulligan
“Kings Bay”
Crystal River, FL
HSDA Certified Stud Dogs
Email: Janetmul@yahoo.com
Phone: 352-634-4391

Mary O’Day
“Tyburn Woods”
Naples, FL
Puppies occasionally
Email: marymarthaoday@gmail.com
Phone: (412) 638-0750


Sue Cunningham 
Waterford, Michigan
Puppies occasionally
Email: cunn4409@provide.net 
Website: www.zigfieldhavanasilks.com
Phone: 248-736-0941

North Carolina

Frank and Helen Conticchio
HSDAA Certified Stud Dogs
Email: dogpack@suddenlink.net
Phone: 252-746-3300


Mary O’Day
“Tyburn Woods”
Wexford, PA
Puppies occasionally
Email: marymarthaoday@gmail.com
Phone: (412) 638-0750


Marge Feiner
Puppies available occasionally
 Email: margefeiner@gmail.com
Phone: 434- 263-6452

Marilyn & Donald Spence
Virginia Beach, VA
“Treasure Isle”
Puppies occasionally
website: https://treasureislesilks.com/
Email:  treasureislehavanasilkdogs@gmail.com
Phone:  757.560.4079


Andrea Burke
Marlboro, VT
Puppies occasionally
Email: andrea@maplewoodsilks.com
Phone: 203-788-2922


Lilian Capetti
“Silk Romance”
Lake Geneva, WI
Expecting puppies in 2024!
Email: havanasilkromance@gmail.com
Phone: 262-770-6537

The Havana Silk Dog Association of America (“HSDAA”) provides a Breeder Directory for the convenience of potential Havana Silk Dog buyers and Havana Silk Dog Breeders. However, the HSDAA takes no responsibility for the promises or guarantees that a buyer and seller may agree upon at the time of a sale of a Havana Silk Dog, either as a companion dog or a possible breeding dog. The Breeder Directory is comprised of HSDAA member breeders in good standing who have provided the required information to be listed. The inclusion of a breeder does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by the HSDAA. It is the responsibility of potential buyers to ask questions and decide for themselves if they wish to do business with any particular breeder, as the HSDAA has no liability whatsoever in the decision a buyer may make with a potential HSDAA seller/breeder