How to Register
a Litter With HSDAA


Litter Registration Instructions and Policy: 

Litters from 2 HSDAA Certified parents are automatically eligible for registration with HSDAA. Litter applications must be signed by all recorded owners of the bitch and at least one owner of the sire. Owner(s) or lessee(s) of the bitch at the time of whelping shall be considered breeder(s) and litter owner(s) of record. Upon receipt of completed application and fee, individual registration applications for each puppy will be forwarded to the litter owner. (Litter registration policies approved March 3, 2010.) 

In order to comply with Article 2 of the HSDAA Constitution and to clarify and enforce existing policy concerning the interbreeding of Havana Silk Dogs with any other breed, effective July 31, 2011, all living puppies in a litter must be listed on the litter registration application; only those litters in which none of the litter members are concurrently or subsequently registered as any other breed with any other registry will be eligible for HSDAA registration. 

When the litter is whelped, download the following form, Litter Registration and fill it out completely. It is a .pdf that can be filled in on your computer. Then print out the completed form and sign it (all owners of the bitch must sign the form if there are multiple owners.) Unless you own the sire, you MUST send the form to the owner(s) of the sire and have him sign it, too. It is required that at least one owner of the sire sign the form before a litter will be registered. Once the form is completed, mail it to the Registration Secretary at the address on the form.

When the Registration Secretary receives the form, you will receive a complete litter packet by email, which will include a litter record for your records book and an individual registration application for each puppy in the litter.  Print the forms out and fill them out completely. These applications may be given to your puppy buyers to send in or you may send them in for them. This way you can be certain that each puppy gets registered.

Fill out your Litter Registation forms completely and have ALL breeders sign the forms, or they will be returned to you for completion. Also make certain that your new puppy owners sign their Puppy Registration form in the appropriate places.

Breeders, please walk your new owners through the form and be certain that it has been completed correctly.  As a courtesy to your new puppy owners, you can download and print out a membership form and give it to them as well.