Health Committee Request

The Health Committee is working on a data base of health issues and length of life for our beloved Breed. Please send the ages of your Silk dogs who have now crossed over THE RAINBOW BRIDGE. Please send me your dogs’ date of birth, cause of death and date of death. Please send me this information even if you have sent a Health Form.

Thanks to all for your help with this important project!

Suzanne LaCosse
Health Committee

Nominations for the Doc” Joanne Baldwin Cardinal Award are due by September 15

The HSDAA “Doc” Joanne Baldwin Cardinal Award is an award given out  at the National Specialty to a Club member in good standing who best exemplifies the attributes of high character, unselfish attitude, is a positive role model, with unquestionable integrity, and a true sportsman. The club member so nominated does not need to be a full voting member nor do they need to be at the National to win this award.  By August 31 of each year, the Board shall appoint a  committee consisting of all prior recipients of the award to consider the nominations and recommend a recipient for this award  Any Club member in good standing may nominate any other Club member for this award by sending its recommendation to the Board on the form so designated, by September 15.  After reviewing the merits of each nomination, the Committee shall make its selection for that year’s award and notify  the Board by September 30 that it has completed its selection.   If there are no nominations made by September 15, the Committee shall choose a suitable candidate based upon its own consideration.  “Club member” as used in this entire paragraph includes all Club members in good standing including non-voting members.

In selecting the award winner, the Committee shall consider the following characteristics:

 Character:The nominee should be unselfish and committed to our Silk Dogs and the HSDAA. He or she should be willing to help out in any way that benefits the club, our dogs, and our club members.


This nominee should have an overall unselfish, positive and kind attitude.

 Role model:

This nominee should be a positive role model in all capacities, including club functions, social media, and educating the public about our Silk Dogs. 


This nominee should be committed to doing what’s right for HSDAA, the health and care of our Silk Dogs and other HSDAA members.


The nominee should display good sportsmanship and respect to other members and club activities even in the face of adverse outcomes. Likewise, the nominee should demonstrate cooperation and respect in dealing with club events.

 Historical note:The award should contain a cardinal in its design.  The committee shall be responsible for selecting the specific award each year and shall be reimbursed by the Club up to $100.  The committee shall also be responsible for presenting the award to the recipient at the National Specialty.  The cardinal was special to Joanne Baldwin, DVM.  Her veterinary practice was named Cardinal Animal Hospital. 

 Please consider nominating a member that you believe is deserving of this award. Past recipients of this award are Helen Conticchio, myself and Marilyn Spence so please do not nominate those members. Please submit your nomination on the attached form. If you have any questions, please be in touch with me at or (412) 638-0750.

Nomination Form (Automatically downloads)

2021 Show Schedule:

We had our first dog show in a year and a half in Lakeland,  Florida on May 8 and 9, 2021. The show results can be found either on the Lakeland FL web page or under the Archived Show Results. We had 13 Silks and many owners participating and we had a blast! Please join us at our remaining 2021 shows on July 30- August 1 in Richmond, Virginia and on October 27-31 in Virginia Beach for our National Specialty. Information on the Richmond show can be found here: Watch for updates to the website for information on the National Specialty which can be found here: We will host an OFA eye clinic at the National Specialty so if you plan on getting your Silks eyes tested this year please plan on doing so at the clinic as the price per dog goes down depending on how many dogs we have.

Richmond, VA 2021 Show

Show Results are posted on the Glen Allen web page-July 31 and August 1, 2021.

Silk Road Newsletter:

Marilyn Spence has agreed to take on the task of reviving the Silk Road Newsletter. If you are interested in working on the newsletter, contributing to the newsletter or have any suggestions or issues you would like to see addressed, please contact Marilyn at


Silks can do Scent Work

Pauline Michael’s Lola does scent work. See her in action.

See Pauline Michels’ Lola work to find four “hides” containing birch scent.

September 15, 2020- Board approves the following:

Since the HSDAA club has been unable to provide services, dog shows, and publications in 2020 because of the Covid19 Pandemic, the Board approves that all current paid members through December 31, 2020 have their membership extended to December 31, 2021 at no additional charge.

Winter 2018 Silk Road available