Associate Membership Form Revised 1/1/2019

 Member Conversion Application Section A  2018

Member Conversion Application Section B Sponsor 2018

Dog Ownership

Puppy Health Exam Report – used for puppies, both pending certification and pet.

 Revised 3/19/2019

Litter Registration Application

Revised 2/19/2019

Application for Companion Pending Registration

Revised 6/16/2018

Application for Upgrade From Provisional to Certified Registration 

Revised 6/16/2018

Application for Foundation Pending Registration

Revised 6/16/2018

Lease Notification

Revised 6/16/2018

Transfer of Ownership

Revised 6/16/2018


Request for Championship Certificate

Revised November 2019

Application for Grand Championship 

Revised November 2019


Reporting an Health Issue to HSDAA

Revised November 2017

Health Testing 2019used for adult dogs presented for certification


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