Membership in HSDAA is open to all who subscribe to the purposes of the club.

$50.00 for Associate individual membership
$60.00 Associate Household membership
$60.00 (US funds only) – individual or household International membership
All donations to help defray costs for the print issue of the Silk Road magazine are appreciated!

The Associate Membership Form can be downloaded here:  Checks should be made payable to HSDAA.  Membership runs from Jan-Dec and are due for renewal on Jan 1.

Associate membership in HSDAA is a means by which those who are relatively new to the breed, or who don’t currently own a Havana Silk Dog but would like to support the organization, can become involved in both the breed and the sport of dogs, and meet others who share the same passion for the little dog that is Cuba’s great gift to the world.

 Associate members receive all HSDAA publications and announcements, are invited to all club meetings and events, may serve on HSDAA committees (where many and varied skill sets are always needed), and may avail themselves of all the educational and social opportunities provided by the organization.

In fact, the only difference between an Associate and a Regular membership is the ability to vote in club elections, hold office, and vote on the breed’s Standard, all of which ultimately determine a breed’s future direction and ultimate well-being. Shouldering these weighty responsibilities requires a significant understanding of the breed itself, as well as its history and development. In the sport of dogs, this understanding has been shown to be gained only with time and experience, and becoming an active Associate member is by far the best way to gain this understanding. 

HSDAA understands that the future of this club ultimately depends upon the education and commitment of its newest members, who will bear the responsibility for its success, as well as the well-being of dogs whose interest it represents, in years to come.

An application for Regular membership (both individual and household) can be obtained from an HSDAA member willing to sponsor the applicant. Because HSDAA was formed with the express purpose of selecting away from chondrodysplasia and its associated health problems, applicants should be aware that acceptance of an applicant for Regular membership by a vote of the Board of Directors is of necessity dependent upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Ownership of a registered Havana Silk Dog for at least two years
  • Ownership of at least one HSDAA- registered Havana Silk Dog 
  • Endorsement by two Regular members in good standing, both of whom have known the applicant at least one year, and who are willing to attest to personal knowledge that the applicant subscribes to the objectives and goals of the Club as reflected by a demonstrable pattern of adherence to HSDAA’s Best Practices as written in the areas of Care and Condition, Breeding Considerations, and Sportsmanship, and to provide such documentation as may be requested by the membership chair in support of that.

In other words, in the HSDAA, the burden of responsibility for determining an applicant’s eligibility for Regular membership under the Bylaws rests squarely with those members endorsing the applicant, and it is not a responsibility they take lightly. 
Associate membership may be converted to Regular membership without additional dues for the current year provided the eligibility requirements are met by the applicant to the satisfaction of the Board.