Silk Dogs owners can enjoy their dogs even more by spending time training their Silks which can be great fun for both owner and dog.  Silk dogs can participate in certain AKC performance events. The HSDAA Performance Committee has also developed other events that are similar to AKC activities specific to the Silk Dog.

Getting Started

Silk Dog owners who are interested in participating in AKC performance events will need to enroll in AKC’s Canine Partners program, previously known as Indefinite Listing Privilege (ILP).  All dogs are required to be spayed/neutered. Your dog will be issued a number so you may enter your Silk in any of the performance activities listed on their site:

Members are cautioned not to register their Silk Dog with the AKC as a Havanese.  The HSDAA needs to demonstrate to the AKC that the Silk Dog is a separate breed from the Havanese, so our breed records must show several generations of Silk Dogs without breeding to the Havanese.

The AKC also offers another type of registration, Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL); however, the dog must be neutered/spayed and described as a Havanese, which may not be in the interest of the owner who wants to show in conformation and used later for breeding.

HSDAA Sponsored Activities


The HSDAA has offered training and judging Rally at several shows, including the National.  At several of the National Shows the AKC Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) Test was offered.  A seminar was offered at the 2019 National in scent work.  This year at the National we will again offer the CGC and for the first time, Novice Trick title. See AKC link:


Exciting News!

The Performance Committee is excited to announce we will hold Scent Trials at some upcoming shows.  We will offer Scent Work trials at the Richmond and National Shows this year.  We will hold two trials at each show for each level, using two different elements.  We will offer competition in both containers and interior elements.  Pre-Novice level will be using the scent of chicken and Novice level will be using the scent of birch.  You can earn titles in both elements.   To earn a title each dog must qualify three times in any one element and at each individual level.  Titles will include Scent Container Pre-Novice (SCPN), Scent Container Novice (SCN) Scent Interior Pre-Novice (SIPN) Scent Interior Novice (SIN)

Our Board of Directors will decide what the entry fees will be and what ribbons or awards will be given to qualifiers.

Stay tune for more information.  In the meantime start practicing your Silks doing scent work.  We have provided some helpful links for training information.  Scent work is a great way to have fun with your Silk Dogs and it will add to your love and bond with them.

Try it.  You might like it.

Instructional Information

HSDAA member Pauline Michels’ Lola demonstrates searching for suspended scent article. 

An example of a more advanced container search 

Watch “Teaching A Nose Work Box Search!” on YouTube 

13-year-old & blind Sophie, rockin’ Nose Work classes @ Atla

Anyone can do this sport