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Havana Silk Dogs are so lovable that HSDAA breeders and pet owners all agree that Silks are the perfect dog for almost every household.

The HSDAA has breeders all across the country, click here to find a happy heathy havana silk dog puppy today.

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  • Joanne Baldwin
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6 years 11 months ago #1 by Joanne Baldwin

1/28/12 There are so many things I love about the Silk Dogs and being involved with them! One of the great things about this organization is that there are so many truly wonderful people here. Today was a day spent in the company of two of those people. Last year, one of my young dogs, Dancer, failed to clear OFA with her hips. It was disappointing as she is Pala's daughter and the only one I had kept to carry on. Cathy and Les Foldesi, who have Dancer's sister, Lolly, graciously volunteered to let me breed Lolly, who is a CH and who passed all her certification requirements and has GOOD hips. It was an offer I did not take lightly as breeding dogs comes with inherent risks...things don't always go right, and I was loathe to allow them to risk their little girl. But, after considerable discussion, we agreed and Lolly was bred to Curtis (Mr. Handsome!)and pregnancy followed. We radiographed Lolly on Wed to count heads, found three puppies in there. But, Lolly is a small girl and the puppies looked too big to pass so we consulted with Dr Steve, our repro vet friend, who agreed and we scheduled a C-section today. I met Cathy and Les at Dr Steve's office and we got ready to work on pups once they were out. Cathy and Les were real troopers with their baby on the table and when the pups were brought out, Cathy pitched in and helped. Sadly, one boy didn't ever really get started but we did end up with 2 beautiful, healthy pups...a boy and a girl, both black with white markings. Lolly did great and soon the pups were squealing and nursing and Lolly and the babies were ready to go home.

We went back to Cathy and Les' house where the nursery was all set up and waiting and got them settled in. Lolly was soon wolfing down food, the babies were nursing and Cathy even fed me lunch! Lolly and the babies are doing great. Tonight Cathy called to see if *I* was all right. She was worried that I was disappointed that things did not go as expected and that there were only two puppies...imagine my surprise...she was worried about ME! Shoot, I'm just sitting here basking in the glow of gratitude that I have such good friends to make what I consider a great sacrifice to let me breed Lolly in the first place and she's worried about me. What a super, sweet, is good.

Of course we are sure that they are going to be gorgeous and gifted so we're calling them Clever and Clooney! They'll be coming here as soon as they are weaned and we'll have a good time watching them is definitely good.


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