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Havana Silk Dogs are so lovable that HSDAA breeders and pet owners all agree that Silks are the perfect dog for almost every household.

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Puppies coming to Elfinland!

5 years 1 day ago #1 by Joanne Baldwin
After taking a well deserved rest, we are jumping in with both feet, having bred both Star & Lark, a week apart. They were both bred to Jefe, a male with a unique Y chromosome, quite rare in the breed, which goes back to the earliest Costa Rican imports behind the modern day Silk Dog. Star has 5 pups waiting to be born this weekend. Will find out about Lark next week.

...first, do no harm...

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5 years 23 hours ago #2 by Dian Tamas
Hi Doc -
Now this sounds exciting! Claire was pretty excited too since her sister will be having her first litter.
I'm always interested in color - what color is Jefe? I will be keeping tabs on you so not to miss one single photo!

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4 years 11 months ago #3 by Joanne Baldwin
Claire would have been very proud of her sister. Other than one ungodly yelp as the first puppy was born, Star was a stoic little trooper and is being a great mother. 5 beautiful puppies, 2 boys, 3 girls. Jefe is a black/tan Irish pied...handsome. His picture is on my website under 'The nursery'.

I hope next week goes as well. Last year Lark needed a section as she was stretched so thin with 5 pups that she didn't contract. She doesn't look as big this year so hopefully she will be able to free whelp her babies. Will be counting heads on Monday.

...first, do no harm...

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4 years 11 months ago #4 by Dian Tamas
She was, I showed her the photos and she just looked at me and said, ahhhh... :silly:
Yes, Jefe is very lovely in color and hansome!
We had a singleton schip on 9/12... actually there were 3, but 2 were born dead (??), but Diva was healthy throughout and had a very easy birthing, so later on may try again.
Horrified to say, but woke up to SNOW this morning. Pretty early this year so that makes me nervous of LOTS of possible snow this year. This one may stick on lawns, but hopefully not on the streets yet. I am never ready for it, just resigned when it comes, but I can hardily bitch about it that first day :woohoo: !!
Do let us know how Lark fares, we'll be thinking about her and you too! :)

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